Professional Tutors Delivering Real Results

StudyLark Test Prep was founded by David Lynch. For over 20 years, David has drawn upon his teaching and curriculum-development experience to create personalized study plans. We’ll help you achieve mastery more quickly with our modern, well-researched approach. Our one-on-one tutoring program blends real tests, specialized drills, robust teaching content, and expert instruction to get you to your goal.

Better Materials

We’ve spent years researching the tests and polishing the materials in the classroom. Some tutors use books that are outdated or inaccurate, but our custom content is up-to-date, true to the test, and tailored to how students learn best.

Lesson Customization

Many courses are rigid, scripted, and designed for an “average” student. Spending endless hours in such a class can be a waste of time or even turn someone off from studying. Through our initial consultation and iterative diagnostics, we focus on your best opportunities for additional points, and we move at the perfect pace for you.

Professional Tutors

Even when we’re not teaching, we’re eating, sleeping, and breathing standardized tests. Because we’re constantly researching the test, we can see patterns and connections that less experienced tutors aren’t aware of. We can deftly introduce these insights into tutoring sessions based on a student’s needs.